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Tools of the Trade

A selection of photographs shot with the Hasselblad V System and 30mm Distagon lens.

Hasselblad 503CX & 3.5/30mm Distagon lens.

Pol Catena - Frontside Boardslide; Badalona, Spain.

Lyon–Saint Exupéry Airport.

Joey Guevara - 5050, Oakland CA

Tallinn, Estonia.

Maxi Schaible - Frontside Noseslide Transfer; Barcelona, Spain.

Gabriel Engelke - No Comply Frontside Wallride contact sheet, Barcelona.

Alexanderplatz, Berlin.

Victor Cascarigny - Backside Kickflip; Barcelona.

Manhattan, New York.

Barcelona, Spain.

Josue Watts - Ollie Contact Sheet; Panama.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Victor Cascarigny - Frontside Boardslide Transfer; Barcelona, Spain.

Victor Cascarigny - Kickflip; Barcelona.


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